Video: How to make an awesome swirling Rorschach mask on the cheap

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Dec 17, 2012

Looking for a last-minute solution to your Halloween costume indecision? This moving Rorschach mask may be a quick and inexpensive way to go.

While plenty of folks have figured out ways to make a mask based on the famous Watchmen vigilante that actually moves and swirls like the one in the movie, the folks behind this new video claim to have discovered the cheapest way possible to do so. The secret? Using thermal dust and glue instead of thermal paints, which can be "hard to find and awfully expensive."

They promise that this is a cheap and easy way to re-create the effect seen in the film, so check it out. And if you can get it to work, then all you need after that is a fedora, a trench coat and lots of very bad attitude.

(via Slashfilm)