How to turn an old Barbie into a badass Ripley Power Loader doll

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Dec 17, 2012

Yeah, you could go spend a bunch of money on some flashy, officially licensed action figures to show your love for your favorite sci-fi franchises. Or you could take a Barbie doll from the junk heap, apply a little ingenuity and a few spare parts, and craft your own Ripley-esque action hero Barbie ready to take on the Alien Queen.

Colombian sculptor and toymaker Mario Caicedo Langer describes himself as being on "Mattel's Black List" for all the demented projects he's undertaken with repurposed Barbie dolls. For this one, he picked up an old Barbie doll for $1 at a flea market and went to work.

"So I cleaned and repaired her body, I made futuristic new clothes and a radical hairstyle. Oh, and a brand new mech, Power Loader style, for kick some serious butt!"

The Barbie definitely looks refurbished, but the Power Loader is the real centerpiece. Langer made it by hand, using nothing but a few pieces of black plastic junk he had lying around the house, including:

"A wireless phone base PC joysticks A saucepan handler Walkman headphones Airplane headphones Damaged toys A pump handler"

And as if it didn't look cool enough just sitting there, the thing actually moves. Check it out:

Unfortunately, you can't go out and buy one of these things. But, thanks to Langer's step-by-step instructions, you can make your own. For the full lowdown on how he did it, photos, schematics and all, head over to Instructables.

(Via Instructables)