How True Blood's 4th season will spell BIG problems for Eric

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

The fourth season of the hit HBO series True Blood is coming up soon, and actor Alexander Skarsgard has revealed a few things concerning his character—and everyone's favorite blond bloodsucker—Eric. And for those of you who've read the books, you'll definitely go: Yessss.

During Saturday's PaleyFest panel, executive producer and show creator Alan Ball and the cast of True Blood revealed a few interesting things regarding the upcoming fourth season of the hit vampire series, including some Bill and Sookie drama, LaFayette and Jesus, Hoyt and Jessica (our favourite couple on the show, by the way), Sam's love life, Arlene's demon baby and Tara's spanking new hairdo and attitude.

But what got our attention was what Alexander Skarsgard said about Eric:

Eric will have much bigger problems coming up. What kind of problems, you ask? Well, for starters, his memory will be erased. "He messed with the wrong people," Alexander Skarsgard says. When next we meet Eric, he's "definitely not stable." And it gets worse, too. "He doesn't know who he is anymore ... Eric needs help." Help from Sookie? Not exactly. "There are a lot of friendly people in Bon Temps kind enough to help," the actor continues. But the bottom line is Eric is a changed man. "The powerful character he was is just gone. He's the polar opposite of who he used to be. He's just completely lost ... and very vulnerable," the actor says.

Those who have read author Charlaine Harris' fourth book, Dead to the World, will recognize the main storyline here. Namely that [**spoilers ahead**] Eric pisses off a witch and as a result the Sheriff of Area 5 gets whammed with amnesia.

This will then lead to some very interesting drama (and romance, if Alan Ball and the writers are following the book's main storyline) between the Eric and Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

In the meanwhile, you can also feast your eyes on this short video:

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