How Tyler Posey will be going all Frodo in Teen Wolf S2

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Dec 17, 2012

Things are going to change for Scott McCall, the fledgling werewolf at the center of MTV's Teen Wolf, in season two, according to star Tyler Posey, who plays Scott, and creator and executive producer Jeff Davis. In fact, they are going to change a lot as Scott begins to embrace his inner werewolf when the series returns.

"He's learning to deal with it and realizes that, if he can't do anything about his situation right now, then he should just use his powers for good and be responsible," said Posey. "He feels like he's responsible for everybody, which is part of his big heart quality. He just wants everything to work out for the better. So he's maturing, he's going through a lot of growth in the second season, and you find him when he's already been through so much stuff in the first season that he's already at a mature level that no one's ever seen before. So he's just growing a lot and becoming the superhero that he wants to be."

Well, let's hope Scott and the gang don't grow up too quickly, which might cause a challenge with a show called Teen Wolf. After all, where do you go next? Adult Wolf?

Embracing the teen of it all, Scott will deal with plenty of angst, as will all the teen characters. When season one ended, there were plenty of cliffhangers that will resolve over time through the second season. Will Lydia and Jackson, who were both bitten, turn into werewolves? Will Derek take on Alpha duties? Will Scott join Derek's pack? What's really up with Allison's werewolf-hunting family? Will Lydia, assuming she survives, ever realize Stiles loves her? And will star-crossed lovers Scott and Allison finally get a break?

"You will find certain mysteries ... like Lydia's mystery is certainly an evolving mystery. ... So you'll find out some stuff in the first episode, but you'll have to wait a few more to see what's really going on. Jackson, you'll find out very quickly what's become of Jackson. Maybe even in the trailer," said Davis with a laugh.

And we'll spend lots of time with Scott and Stiles, although things might change a little for them. "I told Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien that their characters, Scott and Stiles, would essentially be ruining the lives of their parents this season and how they have to deal with that fallout. They are the children of single parents, so it's a topic very close to my heart. We're going to see Stiles kind of fail as a hero this season. And Scott will have to step up and take those reins," said Davis. In fact, he actually feels like Scott and Stiles are a little like "Sam and Frodo. If you look at it, Sam is the real hero of Lord of the Rings. He's the one who's never corrupted by the ring. And Stiles is never corrupted by the bite. He remains incorruptible, but Scott has to step up and be more heroic this season."

"If he doesn't use his powers for good or whatever, or if he lets it get into his head that he'll never be the same or be human again, then he could definitely freak out and let it overcome him," said Posey. "But Scott has a good heart as of right now, and I think Allison is also part of his rock, and so is Stiles. They're keeping him grounded. He's got everything he needs. He's got powers and friends that love him."

But while Scott may be in a better place this season, expect the show to get "really dark," he said. "But it balances out with everything. It's really real, as far as a supernatural show can be. The relations are relatable. The comedic timing is always genius and perfect." And considering that the series is based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy, even Posey is surprised by the depth it has managed. "Never would have thought, but it's awesome. It's a really good show."

Posey admits he's thrilled to see Scott growing up. "He was just this little kid in the first season, and by the end of the second season he's really turning into this superhero, stoic, mature, well-rounded person. He's still got flaws. He's still got the insecurities of a normal high school teenager, but all the stuff he's been through is really helping him deal with it and mature really quickly. So the audience gets to see him turn into a little man," he said.

And while Scott turns into a "little man," we'll also get to see him go up against Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, who plays Allison's grandfather and a vicious werewolf hunter who has plans for his granddaughter.

"Allison's going to go through a big change. ... I told Crystal Reed [who plays Allison] last season that in season two, I want to make her Sarah Connor eventually," said Davis.

That fits in with "an important storyline that was hinted at in the first season, that the women in the family are the real leaders," he said.

And then there's the wolves. "Derek is building his pack, so we're going to see some new werewolves played by Sinqua Walls, Gage Golightly and Daniel Sharman. And it's a lot of fun. I said the other day, the show should be called Teen Wolves now. We're taking the philosophy of what James Cameron did with Aliens. He just added an 's' onto the end of it and made it plural. So we have a lot more wolves this season."

Teen Wolf returns for its second season with part one of the two-part season-two premiere after the MTV Movie Awards 2012 at 11 p.m. ET this Sunday. Then part two will air on Monday, June 4, in the show's regular timeslot at 10 p.m.

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