How Zombieland 2 takes 3-D lessons from Avatar

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Director Ruben Fleischer said that he's creating the sequel to his hit horror comedy Zombieland for 3-D as a way to heighten the undead-infested world of the original and added that he even took some lessons from the creators of Avatar.

"We're writing it with 3-D in mind," Fleischer said Saturday at a panel for the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas. "I took the writers to the 3-D workshop. We're really going to try and make it something that's intentional, as opposed to some of the movies where it's just another component to market or a way to make more money at the box office. For us, we really want to make it something that just elevates the entertainment value of the film."

That 3-D workshop Fleischer mentioned has also inspired him to think of what, um, depth he could bring to Zombieland 2. "I've been going to all these 3-D [workshops], like the guys who did Avatar have something, and now Sony has something," Fleischer said. "When I watch their demos and things like that, I get so fired up. I think it looks amazing, so I'm excited to make Zombieland 2 in 3-D, and I think it'll really hopefully enhance it.

Fleischer has already imagined how he can make the kills more interactive in a 3-D sequel. "When I look at Zombieland and I think about some of the cool shots that I'm proud of in the movie, I think about how much cooler they would have been if they'd been in 3-D," he said. "For example, the woman flying through the windshield is the best example. I can only imagine how cool that would look in 3-D, or some of the splatter gore or whatever. Without being gratuitous, I think it's just a cool way to make it more entertaining."

Three-D makes sense to Fleischer as a stylistic choice. Zombieland itself was modeled after an amusement park ride, where the film's characters had fun dispatching zombies in the wasteland of America.

"I think Zombieland, what it's best at is just being pure entertainment," he said. "I feel like 3-D has that component of, in a way like a ride at an amusement park, it's just a form of entertainment. To me, it enhances entertainment value, especially with a movie with the tone of Zombieland."

Zombieland 2 is due out in 2011.

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