A huge coup, massive death and the red storms arrive in the latest 12 Monkeys

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Jun 27, 2016, 10:15 PM EDT

Spoilers ahead for “Resurrection,” the latest episode of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys!

The short version: Wait, there are still two more episodes to go? This one was action-packed, as Ramse and Cassie lead a coup of the base to take control of the time machine so they can travel to Titan and attack The Witness. But Cole has a few aces up his sleeve and eventually reclaims control for his mission to 1957. Oh, and Old Jennifer dies, but Young Jennifer jumps to the future to (kinda) take her place. Confused yet? Let’s dig in.

Friends turn to foes with the time machine up for grabs


The crux of the episode’s A-plot centered on the battle for control of the base, as Ramse and Cassie gather support from some well-placed allies and make a move to seize control of the base from Jones. Considering they haven’t seen eye to eye for much of the season, Cole lands firmly on Jones’ side, and enlists a hilariously drunk Deacon to help him retake the base. Cole also enlists Old Jennifer and her group of Daughters to shore up his ranks.

The hallway scene between Cole and Ramse was fantastic, and as much as it hurts to see these best pals fight, it’s just so great you can’t help but love it. Despite their friendship, these two have found themselves on opposite sides for pretty much the whole series. But, when push comes to shove, neither one is capable of pulling the trigger. What stands out most about this feud is that no one is really wrong. Both missions make sense, and both are a big risk. Cole is basically rolling the dice that he can figure out the Primary in 1957, while a 2044 attack on The Witness seems predicated on at least attacking the threat and trying to take it out. It might not fix the past, but you’d at least have a shot at saving what’s left of the future. Oh, and of course get some sweet revenge.

We also get a bit more world-building, as we learn the time machine is also capable of good, ol’ fashioned teleportation (which makes sense, but still good to have it confirmed). These writers think a few seasons ahead, so it stands to reason that could come back into play down the line.

Old Jennifer finally meets Young Jennifer, and it is glorious 


Emily Hampshire has quietly become about the best thing about this series, and she got to play double duty this week as Old Jennifer dies and finally gets to meet her younger self. It connected the dots to Cole’s mysterious appearance a few episodes back in 2016, and served as a fantastic book end to Old Jennifer’s story, while also catapulting Young Jennifer into the center of the action. Plus, just the sheer fact of having two Jennifer’s in the same scene was crazy dynamite in the best possible way. The jokes, the snorts, the philosophy.

They tackle the weirdness of it all in a head-on way that was actually refreshing, and it’s mind-boggling to think that Old Jennifer has literally lived beyond her death, in her younger self. Plus, she literally witnessed her own death. The time-twistiness of it all is just insane, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Everybody gets their mission, here’s hoping someone actually succeeds


In many ways, “Resurrection” truly felt like a season finale — which only makes the next two episodes so more exciting. We end with Young Jennifer and Ramse leading a caravan of Daughters on a cross-country trek to take on The Witness in Titan. On the other end of the spectrum, Cole makes his splinter to 1957 just in the nick of time, and is joined by Cassie, who decides to back him up at the last possible minute. 

Having Cassie decide to accompany Cole was an unexpected twist, especially considering where their friendship was at that point. But, despite all the baggage, these two characters have such a connection that it feels believable. Not to mention the fact that these two will (seemingly) have a year to get reacquainted in the past, while they undertake the longterm mission of finding and saving the mystery Primary. It really felt like a turning point for Cassie, not to mention her relationship with Cole. It’ll be interesting how that pays off in the next two episodes.

All the other great stuff


This episode was loaded with great character moments, and though he didn’t get a ton of screen time, Deacon stole the show. Fresh off the reveal that he apparently shared a night with Cassie during the time she was stranded in the future, he’s heartbroken and (put simply) butt hurt at being rejected. So, he’s drinking himself into a stupor when Cole enlists his help. But, what leads him to back Cole’s play? It’s not loyalty, and barely even self-preservation. He just wanted to stick it to Cassie and Ramse, which was refreshingly honest and true to the character.

On top of her time with her younger self, Jennifer also had some great interactions with Cole. The fact that she has Cole’s back, no matter which era they’re in, is truly touching. Oh, and her Die Hard quotes were on point (and Cole’s utter confusion hilarious). She also helps Cole accept his role as a leader, which has been a well-earned progression. Also, when she walks in and touches Deacon’s face… that was foreshadowing to him being cut after shooting her, right? She recognized him from all those years ago, when her younger self was there. Again, just amazing little continuity touches that pay themselves off so subtly. 

With the facility falling down around her, it was a heartbreaking but sweet moment to see Jones go down with the ship. Here’s hoping Cole can pull off a reset and save her (and the time machine). We’re going to need a Season 3, after all (we hope you’re listening, Syfy).

Line of the night: “What do you say? You wanna sword fight?” - Deacon