HUGE Star Wars memorabilia set for sale even bigger than the last

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

For Star Wars fans, it's apparently a buyer's market when it comes to big piles of collectors' items. Up next? A set of goodies valued at more than $100,000—on sale for just $35,000.

The personal collection, which comes just a few weeks after another set of classic collectibles hit the market, is jam-packed with action figures, collectible spacecraft and life-size replicas of characters. The coolest? A life-size Han Solo, in carbonite. How awesome would that look on your wall?

Here's the full description of the collection via Craigslist:

This is a collection that started in 1977 and ended approx 2005. Appraised at more than $120K. Everything has been in climate controlled storage for the last 2 years. Boxed and ready for pick up. Has never been around smoke and limited sunlight until 2003 when put into a sunlight free display building. Moved to climate controlled storage in 2010. Life size statues including Han Solo in Carbonite, Anakin, Stormtrooper armor, all vintage figures (nearly 100 MOC), numerous limited edition pieces from Master Replicas and Gentle Giant, Data East pinball, many autographs of the actors on 8×10 glossy photos, Chrome figures MOC, virtually every figure made up to and including some ROTS, posters, too much to list. Please email for more information.
It'd be an expensive investment, sure, but you could make one heck of a geek lounge with all this stuff.

Check out more pics from the collection below and let us know if it's worth the sticker price.

(Via Nerd Approved)