HUGE Star Wars Imperial Shuttle made of Lego

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

OK, I know that, technically speaking, Legos are for kids. They're toys! But this 28-inch-tall, 22-inch-wide Star Wars Imperial Shuttle coming out in September? It's made for much bigger kids.

First of all, it's $260, which is more than you'd spend on a new Nintendo Wii. Second of all, look how complicated it is! Not many 8-year-olds have the patience or the fine motor skills required to construct such a beast.

But you know who has $260 lying around, a love for Star Wars and the time/ability to build this? Thirtysomething nerds. And that's exactly who will be snapping up this beauty in droves this fall. And I will be showing some serious restraint not to be one of them.

(originally published in DVICE, via gizmodo)