Hugh Jackman bares his claws as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has an intriguing choice to follow him as Wolverine

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Sep 24, 2015, 2:54 PM EDT

As you may have heard, Hugh Jackman is almost done playing Wolverine after more than 15 years in the role. At this point, he's kind of the elder statesman of comic-book movies, and it's going to be strange to see him go, especially since there were moments in the history of X-Men movies when it seemed like he was carrying the entire franchise. 

Jackman is almost done, though, and after he makes the sequel to The Wolverine, he'll be hanging up the claws, but Fox likely won't be hanging up the character. Wolverine is the poster boy for the X-Men, particularly in the films, and though the star power of the whole cast has increased since X-Men: First Class, it's hard to imagine the studio will just be done with Logan.

So, who will play the role next? Jackman, of course, doesn't know, and none of us will likely know for sure until after his final performance. In a new interview with MTV to promote Pan, though, he was at least willing to name an actor he thinks would be a good fit.

So, who did he name? Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy.


Thanks to the success of Fury Road, genre fans seem to be considering Hardy for just about everything these days, but it's particularly interesting that Jackman was willing to drop his name. That doesn't mean Fox is going to run right out and sign Hardy to a three-picture deal, but it would be fascinating if Jackman actually did end up hand-picking his replacement, and Hardy's a heck of a choice, as anyone who's seen Bronson or Warrior can attest.

What do you think? Would Hardy be a good Wolverine?

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