Hugh Jackman reportedly took a pay cut to get an R-rating for Logan

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May 5, 2017, 12:23 PM EDT (Updated)

As Hugh Jackman prepares to tell his final story as Wolverine, it sounds like the actor is pulling out all the stops to make sure Logan lives up to the hype.

Director James Mangold reportedly told Ain’t it Cool News’ Eric Vespe that Jackman took a pay cut on the project to ensure the budget could hit the necessary level to secure an R rating. Studios typically try to get these superhero flicks (See: Literally every MCU film) to a PG-13 level, because it opens up a much bigger potential audience. But Deadpool proved there’s most definitely an audience for adult-targeted comic book movies, and it sounds like Logan will be following in Deadpool’s footsteps.

The first feedback from a screening of some footage of the film has also trickled out, and this sounds like it’ll have the language and violence to back up that R rating. It’d be tough to rival Deadpool’s foul mouth, but don’t forget Wolverine is the OG F-bomber in the X-Men universe (the comic they’ve based the film on, Old Man Logan, is also a hard-R kind of story). He’s snuck a few into those previous PG-13 movies (you’re allowed one, and still capable of sneaking under the 13 banner), but it seems the limits will be off in the burned out future of Logan.

Logan opens March 3, 2017.

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