Hugh Jackman reveals Wolverine 3 is about his relationship with Professor X

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Sep 27, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

The script is still being written, but that hasn’t stopped Hugh Jackman from opening up about what fans can expect from the next Wolverine sequel.

Jackman, who will reprise his role as Wolverine/Logan for the final time in the upcoming film, told Collider his character’s relationship with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) will be a key component in the story. First up, it’s nice to hear some fresh confirmation that Xavier is a major player, and the dynamic between these two has been a major part of the X-Men franchise. Returning to it for the final film makes a lot of sense.

Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

“I’ll be really honest with you, the actual script in its full form we’re up to about Page 60. Obviously there’s a treatment, so it’s not fully done yet, we’re not fully there. Patrick does figure in it that’s for sure. I think it’s a really important relationship but I want to see signs of that quasi-father/son sort of relationship that has not been seen before, and sides of particularly Professor X that have not been seen before. So we have some really, really cool ideas…

The ultimate plan is let’s start shooting next year… I’m starting the training, I’m starting the eating and mentally really preparing for it. It’s not just me, the studio as well—I’m trying to do something with this that’s a little special, a little different. I’ve got a very, very strong idea of what that is. I really have known for quite a long time how I want to finish this sort of odyssey that I’ve been on, this amazing journey. And I won’t let it fall anywhere in between. I won’t fall short of it.”

The full video interview is well worth a watch. Give it a look, and let us know what you think:

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(Via Collider)