Hugh Jackman to don Wolverine's claws one last time

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Mar 30, 2015, 4:34 PM EDT

Hugh Jackman once said that X-Men: Day of Future Past was likely his last appearance as the mutant-with-the-heart-of-gold-but-bones-of-adamantium Wolverine. Luckily for us fans, Wolverine 3 was recently announced and given a release date of March 3, 2017. But now we know we're eventually going to have to say goodbye to Jackman's Wolverine and all of his snarly charm.

Recently, Jackman posted a picture to Instagram of his fist with Wolverine's adamantium claws and the words " last time."

So, while it appears that Jackman is giving fans a taste of what's ahead in the upcoming movie, it's a clear message: This is a farewell to the role that catapulted him to fame. 

According to Rolling Stone,

Jackman's eighth go-round as Wolverine is significant as it would put the actor ahead of some elite company when it comes to cinematic reoccurring roles: Both Sean Connery and Roger Moore portrayed James Bond in seven films. Only the late Leonard Nimoy's Spock, who appeared in eight Star Trekfilms, is currently more prolific than Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in modern cinema history.

Almost nothing is known about the upcoming Wolverine 3, except that the script was good enough to convince the actor to return to the role even after he expressed doubt about continuing. Here's hoping it's a good sendoff worthy of the character who all but dominated the X-Men movies—and the actor who helped bring him to life.

Via IGN and AVClub.