Hugh Jackman's looking for a Real Steel co-star. Maybe you.

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Remember back in November, when we told you Real Steel director Shawn Levy wanted Hugh Jackman for his father/son robot drama, and that while he had a pretty good idea about how he wanted to film his robots, the role of the son was still uncast?

Well, three months later, the role of the son is still open, and DreamWorks has launched a nationwide search to fill the part.

Here's how the studio describes the character of Max:

10-14 years old. He's a street-smart, tough, charming kid with a hard, untrusting outer shell which hides a warm enthusiastic spirit. A complicated, strong-willed and resourceful boy, Max is the product of a broken home, and he becomes the focus of a child custody hearing following the untimely death of his mother. Though his wealthy aunt and uncle would like full custody, his absentee father (Charlie, a downcast former boxer-turned-trainer of 'boxing robots') makes a side deal with the uncle to look after Max for several months in exchange for much needed cash. Max hits the road with his reluctant dad and uses his computer skills and ingenuity to create a series of boxing robots that perform well enough to get them back on track and, ultimately, lead to a bond between father and son that is unshakeable and enduring.

If you fit that description and feel you've got what it takes to hold your own with Hugh Jackman, visit http://www.realsteelcasting.com/ for more information about online auditions, as well as the two open auditions which will be held Sunday, Feb. 14, in Chicago and Saturday, Feb. 20, in New York.

If we at SCI FI Wire weren't a teensy bit outside the age requirements, believe us, we'd see you there!

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