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Hugo-winning sci-fi novel The Fifth Season hits TNT for new sci-fi drama

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Aug 18, 2017, 3:33 PM EDT

TNT is loading up on a fantastic new sci-fi drama by developing an adaptation of N.K. Jemisin’s intricate Hugo Award-winning novel, The Fifth Season. Still in the early planning stages, the project comes from writer/producer Leigh Dana Jackson (24: Legacy, Sleepy Hollow) with Imperative Entertainment’s (All the Money in the World) Dan Friedkin, Tim Kring and Justin Levy acting as the series' executive producers.

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This epic novel centers around a woman on a single-continent planet as she searches for her daughter in a post-apocalyptic landscape stricken with severe climate changes.

Here's the detailed synopsis:

In a world plagued by terrible earthquakes, the survival-obsessed Sanze Empire rules, maintaining stability with the Fulcrum, an army of enslaved orogenes. These orogenes are born with staggering power, but are widely feared and hated, considered agents of the bitter, humanity-hating Father Earth. For ten years, Essun has been living a peaceful life in a small town with her husband and two children—but all that changes when a massive earthquake cracks the continent down the center. Such disasters have happened before, but this one is the worst yet. After they unconsciously shield the town from the worst of the shake, Essun and her children are revealed as orogenes. Her husband beats her son to death and kidnaps their daughter, and Essun, with nothing else left to live for, chases him down in pursuit of revenge. But even that isn't simple. She is joined by a strange inhuman child and a mysterious homeless woman, and it soon becomes clear that the past she's been hiding from isn't as dead she'd hoped...

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The Fifth Season is the initial book in the acclaimed author's Broken Earth Trilogy and was the recipient of the 2016 Hugo Award for best novel, with the second book in the science fantasy series, The Obelisk Gate, winning the same award in this year's competition. Jemisin is the first female African-American author to be honored with the prestigious prize. The Stone Sky, the final book in the trilogy, was just published on August 15 and is already the frontrunner for next year's Hugo nominations.

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Does this sound like promising material for a new episodic sci-fi series on TNT and have you read any of Jemisin's involving sci-fi novels?

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