Hu'go "Hur'ley" Re'yes and other Avatized sci-fi stars

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If your first thought when you saw Ben Stiller as a Na'vi at the Oscars Sunday night, was "Gee, I wonder what every other Hollywood celebrity I've ever seen would like like Avatized," you're in luck, because that's exactly what Photoshop wizard Robert Paulson has been trying to do ever since James Cameron's blockbuster was released.

"It used to take me around four hours to do the first ones, but now it takes me around two hours, using Photoshop on a PC," the 22-year old San Franciscan told the London Telegraph. "I must have spent over 200 hours on this project so far."

Though his wild celebrity makeovers are amazing, Paulson isn't entirely happy with them.

"I am still a perfectionist about it, though," he said. "I feel that I can never get the look of the yellow eyes, with their hypnotic irises and pupils, and the Na'vi's glowing dots to my satisfaction. Yet."

Well, we're satisfied, and we think you'll be, too, so head on over to Paulson's flickr stream for more Avatized stars.

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