Hulu and Blumhouse teaming up for first of its kind monthly horror anthology

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Jan 9, 2018, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

Hulu is making waves again, but this time it’s on the other end of the genre spectrum.

On the heels of last week’s Animaniacs revival announcement, today, Hulu revealed their plans to create a horror anthology series in conjunction with Blumhouse Television, the new(ish) television arm of Blumhouse studio, a company who knows a thing or two about horror.

Besides the parties involved, what makes this anthology so unique is that instead of releasing episodes all at once, in the binging fashion, or weekly, in the tried-and-true network fashion that Hulu also incorporates, the streamer is opting to release one episode a month. If the shows are indeed up to horror fans’ expectations, that ought to create quite the monthly buzz.

While each month's show will stand alone, as the anthology format demands, all 12 episodes of the still yet-to-be named series will have a narrative tie-in that connects the stories.  

The deal, the first major original programming coup for new Hulu chief content officer Joel Stillerman, is expected to entice more horror fans to the streaming service. According to Stillerman (via Variety):

“At the heart of the deal is an extremely passionate audience and an extremely activateable audience in terms of horror. … It’s not even the larger bucket of ‘genre.’ I would say this falls squarely into the horror bucket. And it’s brought to us by, I would say in many ways that would be hard to argue, the consummate producers in that genre today.”

Hulu will indeed be relying on Blumhouse’s expertise in the horror arena, as well as their business model of offering creators plenty of freedom in exchange for smaller budgets and tighter deadlines.

“We think this is an innovation,” Marci Wiseman, co-president of Blumhouse Television, told Variety. “We haven’t split the atom. But Hulu’s commitment to create episodic installments of an anthology series and to event-ize each of them — you don’t get that kind of commitment from partners very often, and we’re really excited and enthused.”

The first episode is expected to drop in October, just in time for some Halloween scares. Will you be watching?