Hulu developing documentary to tell the story of Batman co-creator Bill Finger

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Aug 8, 2016, 11:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Streaming service Netflix has already seen some major success with documentary-style projects, and now Hulu is getting in on the action — but with a fascinating, geeky twist.

Hulu has announced a new slate of documentaries, one of which will be focused on the “heretofore unknown” (at least for folks who aren’t comic geeks) story of Bill Finger. The comic creator played a role in creating several endearing elements of Batman, but didn’t actually receive any credit for his contributions until the last year or so. It’s a fascinating, twisty saga — and one Hulu wants to bring to wider attention. It should certainly make for an interesting focus, especially for comic fans.

The Bill Finger project is part of a larger series called Limelight, designed to focus on subjects that “forever shaped pop culture,” according to The A.V. Club. Other documentaries will focus on the short-lived ABC sketch show The Dana Carvey Show (which helped launch Stephen Colbert, Loius CK, Steve Carell and Charlie Kaufman); and one-time James Bond star George Lazenby, who only played 007 once, in 1969’s On Her Majesty's Secret Service (he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his efforts).

No word on when Limelight will debut, but the docs-series could certainly be a must-see for pop culture aficionados. 

(Via A.V. Club)