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Hulu’s Runaways will finally connect to the MCU in Season 2

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Aug 14, 2018

Most of Marvel’s TV shows operate far on the periphery of the MCU at large, but Hulu’s little slice of comic book adventure is about to join in on the fun in Season 2. That’s right: Runaways is gearing up to connect with the MCU.

Showrunner Josh Schwartz says Season 2 of the series will feature the first real “reference” that the series is set within the same world that has Iron Man, Thanos and Thor flying around. Schwartz told TV Line the tease will “probably be our first real breadcrumb that connects us to the MCU, in some way.” No word on exactly what it’ll be, but it follows a trend we’ve seen across other Marvel shows. Series like Cloak and Dagger, Marvel’s Defenders solo shows, and (more directly) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have all made ties to the wider Marvel world.

Runaways spent its first season telling its own story in its little corner of the MCU, but that world will clearly be getting bigger in more ways than one. We already knew Season 2 would be introducing some new characters from the comic canon, and expanding the world to introduce the Runaways’ hideout, which is basically a sunken mansion hidden underground. Season 2 will also be digging deeper into the actual “running away” we’ve heard so much about, which makes up the meat of the comic story that inspired the show.

So how might Runaways link to the MCU proper? Its anyones guess, though fans hoping for something massive — i.e. half the world vanishing thanks to Thanos’ snap — will likely be disappointed. The shows have rarely connected that directly to the films, largely because it’d make for an odd narrative fit. The same hold true for Runaways. Most likely, we’d look for a mention to something tied to the MCU, perhaps Roxxon Corp., or Iron Man, or maybe even a reference to that new hero swinging around New York City who is about their age. Looking to the comics, there's plenty of crossover potential, as these teen heroes have crossed paths with everyone from Cap to Wolverine.

Season 2 of Runaways premieres Friday, December 21 on Hulu, with all 13 episodes set to go live.

(Via TV Line)

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