Human or Toaster? The new iPhone Cylon Detector lets you be sure

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Admit it: You've always wondered about that co-worker with the icy stare or that blonde from last Saturday's party who wouldn't give you her number: They're most likely emotionless killer cyborgs from another galaxy.

Cylons. Frakkin' toasters.

Well, now you can be sure. SCI FI Channel today announced that fans of Battlestar Galactica can now download a Cylon Detector app from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone for $1.99.

The Cylon Detector app lets iPhone or iPod touch users simply snap a picture of the suspected Cylon or, using a stored image from the "Photos" section, select either "Scan Male" or "Scan Female."

Testing will commence. In just moments, the subject's face will appear in a classic Battlestar scene along with the verdict: CYLON or HUMAN. Once you know the truth, you can save the results, send them to a friend or download them to a computer, and, in the case of the skinjob, look for the nearest convenient airlock to blast them out of.

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