Fantastic Four's human torch Chris Evans: "I think we're done"

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Dec 14, 2012

It appears the Fantastic Four series has reached its conclusion after only two films. While on hand at the Push press day in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Human Torch himself, actor Chris Evans, said that he doesn't expect the series to continue.

"No, I don't think we're doing another one," Evans told SCI FI Wire. "I think we're done. I think if they were going to do another one, you would have heard something. It's been a while since the second one, and those films usually come pretty quick, one after the next. I kind of think they're going to close the book on that one. It's too bad. I had a fun time making them."

In Push, Evans also plays a superhero of sorts in Nick Gant, who has the ability to "push" objects and people with his mind.

So who might win if Nick battled Johnny Storm? "You know, I think Nick has some tougher friends," Evans said, laughing at the idea. "Johnny Storm's friends work for good, and Nick's friends are probably a little bit more grimy."

After three movies in the superhero/comic genre (four if you count voicing Casey in TMNT), Evans says he's probably met his career quota. "I think if I did one more I'd be doomed," he said. "It's unfortunate, because it's not deliberate. I tell you what, if all of a sudden James Cameron is making another superpower movie, [and] he offers me a role, I'm going to take it."