Humans are being hunted in trailer for John Cusack film Singularity

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Nov 6, 2017, 11:02 AM EST

An artificially intelligent (AI) computer is a machine that can think for itself. And as we see in the trailer for Singularity, what it thinks is “Die, humans.” That’s because 6 billion of us are wiped out the moment we welcome our AI overlords.

In the trailer, below, we see John Cusack as Elias Van Dorne, the creator of the AI Chronos as it goes online and immediately begins culling the human race. But that’s just the backstory: The film take place one hundred years later, with two young people, (Andrew, played by Julian Schaffner, and Calia, played by Jeannine Wacker) trying to evade Chronos as they make they way to promised safety.

Meanwhile, Cusack’s character and a henchman played by Carmen Argenziano are providing commentary as they watch our protagonists from afar. Wait—these characters are over 100 years old. Does that mean they have really good health care? Or are they less human than they seem?

The film was quietly released on November 3 with hardly any promotion.

Also, a bit of geeky background: “Singularity” is a word coined by author Vernor Vinge to describe a point in the future that can no longer be predicted or even understood as AI rewrites itself to become even more intelligent. Famed physicist Stephen Hawking sees the rise of AI as a threat to humanity.