Humans worry about the mutant threat in new 4-minute viral X-Men footage, websites

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Sep 24, 2014

What happens when anti-mutant factions set out to create a truther-esque information campaign to turn the world against the X-Men? This, and it’s actually pretty cool.

The latest X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, hasn’t even hit Blu-ray yet, but that doesn’t mean the marketing machine can’t start ramping up as we look toward the sequel. Fresh off word that X-Men auteur Bryan Singer will officially helm 2016’s Apocalypse, the studio has dropped some new viral world-building.

The video also coincides with the launch of two new viral websites — Tandem Initiative and M-Underground — that could potentially tie into Apocalypse. It seems very reminiscent of all the viral goodies surrounding Trask Industries and the mutant alt-history leading up to Days of Future Past’s release. So make note of these groups, because we might be hearing more about them in the months and years ahead.

The piece of footage is set up as a leaked clip stolen from the apparently anti-mutant group Tandem’s servers and released by the pro-mutant M-Underground. We’ve always been impressed with the legwork they’ve put into these X-Men tie-ins, and this one is also no slouch.

Along with all these viral goodies, rumor has it the studio is also cooking up a whole lot more stuff for the coming months to feed Apocalypse. We don't have many details, but Collider reports to have some inside intel, claiming they could be even more ambitious than the Days of Future Past stuff.

(Via The Playlist, The Hollywood Reporter)

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