Huzzah! Our favorite demon is coming back as series regular in Supernatural season ten

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May 23, 2014, 6:55 PM EDT

After a decade on the air, the folks behind The CW’s Supernatural have figured out which characters the fans want to see — so they’re bringing back our favorite King of Hell as a series regular next season.

The network has confirmed that Mark Sheppard, who has played the demon Crowley on a recurring basis over the past few years, will officially be upped to series regular in season 10. Sheppard plays the role with delicious evil and nuance, and we’re psyched to hear he’ll be sticking around.

Considering how the season-nine finale wrapped up, Crowley’s increased role doesn’t come as much of a surprise — but this news is at least a solid indicator that the shocking final scene of season 9 will have some long-lasting consequences next year.

Are you glad to hear they’re beefing up Crowley’s presence next season?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)