The Hyrule Princess finally becomes the hero in this Legend of Zelda hack

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Mar 18, 2013, 7:15 PM EDT (Updated)

For a gal with her name in the title, Zelda has never had much face time in her popular Nintendo franchise ... until now, that is. 

It's been more than 25 years since The Legend of Zelda first graced our screens. In that time, we've had plenty of opportunity to take our hero, Link, through many versions of Hyrule (across three alternate timelines, no less) and beyond. Zelda, though, hasn't been so lucky. Usually she's kidnapped, in some nigh-on-eternal slumber, or a mix of both.

But that's all over now, thanks to a fun hack from animator Kenna W. She felt like it was high time that Zelda played the hero, so she learned how to edit the sprites and created a version where Zelda and Link are swapped. Check out this awesome video showing the Princess find the pieces of the Triforce and slay the wicked Ganon!

As for why Kenna did it, her answer is pretty simple:

For me, I played my first Zelda game when I was pretty young, and at the time, I thought the game did star Princess Zelda. I figured I’d get to play as a magical battle princess that saved her kingdom. The game was fun, but I was bummed out that I never got to play as Zelda. But like I said, I’m an adult now. There’s no one to stop me from eating candy before bed and there’s nothing standing in the way of me creating the games I want to play.

We're pretty jazzed that these hacks are happening and, if you dig it too, we'd recommend downloading Kenna's hack (instructions here) and playing it for yourself. Or, better yet, let your daughter give it a shot.

(via Laughing Squid)