I Am Legend director consulting on Jonah Hex reshoots

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Jun 26, 2015, 2:17 PM EDT

In what looks like an indication that a malediction may have been cast on Warner Brothers' new adaptation of DC's Jonah Hex comic book (aren't you glad we didn't say "hex"?), Bloody Disgusting reports that reshoots are scheduled to begin soon on the supernatural western. Hex's director Jimmy Hayward (whose only previous feature was the animated Horton Hears a Who?) will be handling the reshoots, with I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence on hand for "consulting."

We're not really sure what "consulting" means in this case, but as Lawrence showed a pretty good command of the otherworldly and the comic-bookish in Constantine, maybe this is a good choice.

Jonah Hex seems to be part of a spate of recent movie that have required reshoots, like Sherlock Holmes, The Wolfman and the new Nightmare on Elm Street. But for every movie that turned out OK with reshoots, such as Where the Wild Things Are and I Am Legend itself, there are flavorless duds like Wolverine and abominations like The Invasion.

So with Lawrence on hand, could Jonah Hex still possibly be a winner? Or does the prospect of reshoots and another director being involved make the movie seem doomed?

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