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Jan 18, 2008

At the AAS meeting last week I was writing up a blog post about my friend Travis Rector's image gallery. I clicked on the URL to cut-n-paste it into the blog, but I must have screwed it up: the URL I pasted in was to Orbiting Frog, a blog I had been perusing a few minutes before, liked, and added to my feed reader.

So a few hundred (no doubt baffled after clicking) BABlogees went to Orbiting Frog, expecting to see some of Travis' pretty pictures. I saw the error fairly quickly and corrected it, but the "damage" had been done: Rob at Orbiting Frog got a bunch of hits.

He noticed the traffic spike, wrote it up, and said he had been Bad Astronomered.

Verbing: I has it.

Anyway, I was going to write up a nice post about OF and tell everyone to go there, but it looks like my work here is done...

... almost. You should read Chris Lintott's blog too. He runs GalaxyZoo, is co-host of the beloved UK telly programme "Sky at Night", and is a cool guy and good writer. Show Chris and Rob the lurv.

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