I can guess what the crop was

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Aug 5, 2007

It wasn't astronauts who were drunk. It was aliens.

Alien 1: Duuuuude. My head is aching.

Alien 2: No kidding. Your antennae are bloodshoot, man, they are soooo green!

Alien 1 [moaning]: How much cow anus did I do last night?

Alien 2: I dunno, man, but look at what you did to that field!

Alien 1: Whoa! That's worse than when I dropped those flares on Phoenix!

Alien 2 [laughing]: That was righteous. C'mon. Let's go back to Roswell and pretend we're just wearing costumes.

Alien 3: Gnarly.

Tip o' the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster to Bob at Junkmail.

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