I have an article in Seed Magazine (online)!

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Feb 3, 2007

Many BABloggees may already know about Science Blogs, a group of science blogs collected by Seed magazine (PZ Myers of Pharyngula is part of the Collective). Seed is truly excellent, and is currently my favorite general science mag.

I've talked with the good folks at Seed/Science Blogs, and I really want to write for them, but my BA "brand" is a little too strong for me to give it up! But we worked something out: I wrote an article for their online magazine! It's about the COSMOS dark matter survey; I wrote about it here on BABlog too.

I'm very happy about this. The article I wrote was testing the waters for both of us, really, to see how well we do together. So if you read it and like it, you should let them know!

That's a hint, folks. You should really let them know. I'm hoping to write a lot more for them in the future. And if you don't get Seed magazine (I don't think it's very well known yet) you should really check it out. It's excellent.

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