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May 26, 2008

Try to follow along here.

I was going through some stuff online, and saw a link to Penn's new video thingy called Penn Says, where he posts short diatribes about stuff that irritates him (meaning everything). The site, Crackle.com, allows viewers to leave follow-up videos, which is extremely cool and I love it. The follow-ups are loaded below the Penn video, and you can see still frames from them.

So I look at the still frames and I see one from Iszi, a woman I met in England when I was there last month. She is totally awesome, a comedian and skeptic and she's also very tall and has hawesome hair and is also maybe pretty hawt, not that I notice such things.

So I watched a few of her replies to Penn's comments, and well, you can see why I'm posting this particular one here..

From Crackle: thoughts from abroad 13

Well, just a correction: I'm not doing the Skepdude calendar this year. I thought about it, but figure I'll never top the one I did last time... though a suggestion was made to me for a future picture that I am contemplating very seriously. But anyway, I did get to meet Iszi at the pub meetup in London, and I really enjoyed talking with her, and I guess I'm glad that she got to meet Randi even if she dumped me for him. Sigh. What is it about older men...?

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