I might be on the National Geographic Channel Sat. Jan. 27

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Jan 25, 2007

Months ago, while I was at WorldCon, I filmed an interview with a crew from the National Geographic Channel who were working on the series "Is It Real?". The topic was life on Mars, and I was giving my talk debunking the "face" on Mars, so this was perfect.

I've heard a rumor that the episode airs this weekend, on Saturday January 27 at 5:00 p.m. Many things are unclear: is this the episode I filmed? I think so. Is it Eastern time? Maybe. Will it be any good? Well, it features me, so yes, but it also features Hoagland, so have a barf bag ready. The NatGeo folks did ask for permission to use an image of my Lenin shower curtain, so expect hilarity to ensue.

It repeats on January 30 for those who miss it. And if any BABloggees TiVo it, I'd love to get a copy on DVD. If someone gets it, let me know and we can arrange a trade of some sort.

Tip o' the Captain Video helmet to Bay of Fundie for the heads up.

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