Ian McKellen meeting puppet Gandalf is exactly as amazing as you think it is

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Dec 11, 2013, 1:24 PM EST

Sesame Street teaches the invaluable lesson -- how to pass someone politely.

Can there be any question that Sesame Street is both:

a) the best at getting major celebrities to do hilarious things

b) the undisputed champion of the world at using Vine?

We would argue that there is no question, just a silent nod of agreement from the peanut gallery.

Sesame Street continues its reign of indominabtle supremacy with this Vine of Sir Ian McKellan encountering a Puppet Gandalf that insists McKellen SHALL NOT, well, you know the rest. How does Sir Ian deal with the situation?

Fantastic! Just don't ever teach the Balrog this trick, or all of Middle-earth will be in trouble.

(via Jezebel)