Ian Somerhalder stays vampire-bound with a first look at his V-Wars character

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Aug 15, 2018, 9:19 PM EDT

The IDW vampire comic series V-Wars is being adapted into a television show by Netflix, so of course they brought The Vampire Diaries veteran Ian Somerhalder on board. Though he is once again appearing in a vampire-related project, he won't be playing one this time. 

Somerhalder will play Dr. Luther Swann, a doctor who is trying to get to the bottom of disease that it turning people into, you guessed it, vampires. His best friend Michael is one of those people, so he's gotta act fast. 

The actor shared the first look at his character on his instagram today, and by the looks of it, things are about to get bloody: 

Somerhalder writes in the caption, "Would you trust this man?" Honestly, no. No we would not. 

The photo features some bloody knuckles, but also some suspicious (possibly bitey) marks on the good doctor's hand. This could be a sign that the show will be taking a departure away from the original comics (written by Jonathan Maberry), or it could just mean that Dr. Swann is a man of action. Somerhalder will likely have to live with these bruises for a little while as well— Damon, his Vampire Diaries character, had the power of rapid-healing. It doesn't look like Swann is similarly gifted, but here's hoping that he lasts longer than Somerhalder's Boone did on Lost

V-Wars is coming soon to Netflix, though no release date has been announced yet.