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Ian Ziering surfs the zombie tsumani in Zombie Tidal Wave

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Jun 26, 2019, 7:55 PM EDT

If the prospect of passing this summer’s sharky season without a new entry in SYFY’s late, great Sharknado franchise has you gnashing your teeth, turn that great-white frown upside down right this minute. A new movie is rolling ashore that promises to pick up the insanity right where Ian Ziering and company left off.

SYFY has revealed it’ll be kicking off a weekend’s worth of sharktastic goodness next month with an all-new original movie that once again puts Ziering right at the water’s edge. This time, though, what’s sweeping in off the coast is decidedly less alive (but probably just as people-hungry) than Sharknado’s carnivorous fanged fish. If you guessed “zombie tidal wave,” whoah — congratulations: You landed on the right answer, as well as the new movie’s title.

Produced by Ziering himself and directed by longtime Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante, Zombie Tidal Wave will headline “Off the Deep End Weekend,” filled with fan-favorite SYFY original shark movies, including a complete encore airing of all six Sharknado movies.

Yet again dispensing with subtlety right in the title, Zombie Tidal Wave marks a “move from the fantastic world of shark-slinging tornadoes to one where zombie-slinging tsunamis offer a special brand of maritime mayhem, going from bad to worse when they make landfall,” according to the press release.

The idea, say the creators, is for ZTW (we might as well start abbreviating it early) to jump-start a fresh series of SYFY originals featuring protagonist “Hunter Shaw (Ziering) as he contends with the ocean-borne outbreak which threatens his seaside island community,” as well as all the bone-headed people who’ll no doubt make the task hilariously tougher than it should be. 

Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of lead time to prepare as the gathering turmoil mounts somewhere out there on the waves; Zombie Tidal Wave will surf onto SYFY for an Aug. 17 world premiere at 9 p.m. ET, part of the Off the Deep End Weekend running Friday, Aug. 17, and Saturday, Aug. 18.