Iconic Star Trek computer voice could be coming back for AI projects, new TV series

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Sep 7, 2016

Decades later, and Star Trek’s computer voice system is still the one we point to as a reference point for ideal AI communication. Now we might finally get it in real life — right down to the voice.

Roddenberry Entertainment has announced that the company has a phonetic library of the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, who famously voiced the computer on Star Trek (and had on-screen cameos throughout the Original Series and Next Generation eras).

The company said it's working to leverage the voice library in programs such as Siri, as well as possibly including it as the computer voice in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. Since the library already exists, assuming it's extensive enough, it wouldn’t be too terribly hard to offer Majel’s voice as an option for existing AI assistants.

As far as the Discovery tidbit, it’d be a great nod to all the Trek that’s come before, and you’d have to think they’ll almost certainly work it out to make that happen. Bryan Fuller's new series might be pushing some Trek boundaries, but this would be a great way to tie it all back in to what’s come before.

(Via Roddenberry Entertainment)

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