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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 01/05

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Jan 5, 2019, 3:03 PM EST

Happy new year to one and all! 2019 is upon us. A fresh new start, a chance to make plenty of new year's resolutions we'll definitely keep, and a whole new series of geek culture to look forward to: Star Wars Episode IX! Shazam! Captain Marvel! There's so much to cover and we can't wait to get to it. For now, let's take a look at the top ten most read FANGRRLS posts from the past seven days.

Credit: Janelle Monae

 - The biggest thirst traps of 2018

We started the year thirsty as all hell and we ended it that way too, as Team FANGRRLS joined forces to share our favorite sexy moments in genre from the past twelve months: From Janelle Monae to the Thirteenth Doctor to Venom and that tongue.

 - Deep Cuts: Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Our Deep Cuts series digs further into the hidden gems of horror. With a title as promising as Let's Scare Jessica to Death, we had high hopes for this '70s B-Movie starring Zohra Lampert.

 - Witchy Wednesday: The delightfully wicked Rowena from Supernatural

We love a good witch and Supernatural has a great one in the form of Rowena, the giddily evil mother of Crowley who's always ready with a one-liner and will absolutely destroy anyone who gets in her way.

 - Doctor Who, 'Resolution': Now THAT was a finale

The season finale of Doctor Who was more of a fizzle than a bang and left us wanting more. Fortunately, the Christmas special delivered all the surprises as the Daleks returned once more. Our resolution? Never lose faith in the Doctor. She always delivers when we need her.

 - 100 thoughts we had while watching all five Twilight moves in a row

After a website claimed that Twilight was the worst film ever made, we knocked down that nonsense claim for the sexist trolling that it was. But it still sent our intrepid Courtney Enlow on a movie marathon to end all movie marathons. For all the people who think Twilight is the worst but never saw the sequels? You're amateurs. 

 - Shadowhunters is one giant thirst trap

Shadowhunters isn't exactly must-see TV but in terms of mega-hot supernatural creatures who take their shirts off at a moment's notice and spend most of their time lusting after one another? It has its perks.

 - Chosen One of the Day: Emily Blunt's sexy Mary Poppins

Look, we're just gonna sayt it. Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins? She could get it. A Spoonful of sugar etc, fill in your dirty jokes here.

 - The Best Chris of 2018

We enter the Thunderdome of Chris-dom once more to decide who has claimed the crown of the best Chris of 2018. Our decision is final, it overrides all of your choices, and spoiler alert, Pratt didn't win. 

 - 43 thoughts we had while watching X-Men: The Last Stand

Brett Ratner's addition to the X-Men franchise is not exactly looked upon fondly. Sara Century revisited the movie to see if that was a fair analysis. In her own words, it might not go down in history as the best X-Men movie, but it will go down in history as... a movie. Ouch.

 - Why I keep watching that Bakugo arc on My Hero Academia

Susan Cheng explains why, when she wants to cry to an uncomplicated story, she turns to the Bakugo arc of My Hero Academia, dubbed the superhero anime for those with superhero fatigue.


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