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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 02/03

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Feb 3, 2019, 3:02 PM EST

Yes, it is February already. The passage of time continues to baffle us here on Team FANGRRLS, but it's not been helped much by half of America being engulfed in snowstorms and teeth-chattering low temperatures. It's okay, we've all seen those videos of people throwing boiling water into the air and watching it immediately turn to ice. You don't have to do it yourself now, so please stay inside and keep warm, dammit! If you need something to keep yourselves amused, check out the top 10 most read posts on FANGRRLS from the past week!

Black Mirror Nosedive

Credit: Netflix

 - 7 Black Mirror episodes that feel terrifyingly possible

We've all had those moments of technological mishaps or iPhone panic that have led us to believe we're all going a bit too Black Mirror, but there's a reason that show remains so terrifyingly prescient. It's sadly not all that hard to imagine certain scenes or episodes happening in real life. Yikes. We narrowed down the most horrifying possible moments to seven for our list.

 - Definitively ranking the top 12 sexiest Star Trek characters

Thirst. The final frontier. Star Trek has made an immeasurable impact on our pop culture and arguably changed the world in many ways, but on a purely superficial level, it's also been jam packed full of sexy sexy people. You can't blame us for wanting to explore that a little.

 - The greatest female superheroes of all time

We wrapped up January's GOAT Month this week, so of course we had to tackle the ever-important question of which women superheroes are the greatest of all time. This was a fierce battle, no question.

 - Legend and my sexual awakening

Ridley Scott's very trippy and visually stunning fantasy Legend is something of a cult classic, but it's the seduction of Mia Sara's Princess Lili to the dark side via a goth make-over and the allure of demonic Tim Curry that left the longest lasting impression on our own Hanna Flint.

 - OK, we have to talk about that song James Marsters wrote for Michelle Trachtenberg

So... Did you know James Marsters wrote a very weird and creepy song about Buffy co-star Michelle Trachtenberg when she was 15 and he was 38? Yeah...

 - The greatest female villains of all time

We love to hate a great baddie, and in the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, the best of the worst are female. That didn't make our attempts to narrow down the greatest female villains of all time any easier!

 - The Magicians Discussion: Season 4, Episode 2 exposes a few secrets

Season four of SYFY's The Magicians continues. Our own Alyssa Fiske and Jessica Toomer are recapping every new episode. Last week, the group had to deal with yet another trickster god in Fillory and Elliot being controlled by a murderous monster. A typical week, then.

 - We don't talk enough about Penny Dreadful's deadly Nightcomers

Penny Dreadful's Nightcomers presented a unique and truly chilling depiction of witches. Think less broomsticks and hats and more shaved heads, deep scars and terror.

 - Dragonheart is the medieval fantasy rom-com we didn't know we needed

Guys, dragons are, like, so hot right now! Sorry, vampires, but we have a new supernatural boyfriend. But before Game of Thrones dominated the dragon game, there was the very sweet 1996 film Dragonheart, which featured Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, and way too much sexual chemistry.

 - 'Point of Light' brings back Michelle Yeoh’s Emperor Georgiou, L'Rell, and Ash Tyler

The third episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, “Point of Light,” brings to mind the breakneck pace and breathtaking twists and turns of the show’s first season. And more Michelle Yeoh!

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