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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 12/15

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Dec 15, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and so is the end of this very long year. With 2018 drawing to a close, Team FANGRRLS is getting ready to end 2018 with our Best Of season. But before we get around to the business of judging the best films, games, thirst traps, and Chrises of the year (come argue with us on Twitter), here are the top 10 most-read posts on the site from the past seven days.

Jennifer's Body

 - Megan Fox deserves better

"But Megan Fox doesn’t exist to fulfill fantasies. She’s not here to be drooled over, to be coveted or spurned, to be the punching bag for our own inadequacies and shortcomings. She’s a woman, just trying to have what she’s owed: respect, autonomy, and maybe a bit of understanding for her mistakes. Oh, and she’s owed an apology. From all of us."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 6 sends Uhtred and Brida on a quest

"If we’ve learned anything about the Danes it’s that they are indeed messy bitches who live for drama, so I think that that exact exchange happened in the background. Just like the last episode, I am getting some major vibes from Bloodhair that he is NOT down for Cnut’s plan, even beyond the fact that Haesten has claimed 'his woman.' Ugh, I am so tired of Skade being treated like a flesh trophy with these dudes. She sucks, but no one deserves this."

We break down the radness that is Captain Marvel's second trailer

"Wow! This was great, and now we’re trying to figure out how to make it through 4 more months of waiting for this film to drop. The second trailer confirmed that this movie is going to be a hyper-fun space adventure in which Carol Danvers punches infinite aliens, and honestly — we couldn’t be more stoked."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 7 gives Uhtred a win

"I think Uhtred knows how to read that snake at this point, so I think he at least suspects. It was good to see Uhtred give another rousing speech to his men, channeling his inner reputation era Taylor Swift, and once again I was reminded why all these men are willing to follow him into the jaws of death for the umpteenth time. The man is COMPELLING. If he can just put aside his tendency to wander, he really is a leader."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 10 brings a beginning and an end

"Honestly, it almost feels like the character of Thyra was created just to suffer. The girl cannot catch a single break and is constantly being punished for simply being alive, being a woman, being a Dane. It is so exhausting to watch. While I will long cherish the image of Beocca headbutting that asshole that taunted Thyra, at what cost?"

 - The Good Place's D'Arcy Carden on that Janet-tastic mid-season finale

"It's super, super, super important to Mike Schur and the writers that there is none of that, that there's none of the catty female friendships that we've seen on TV for years that, frankly, I know I'm over. I don't love watching that. I think it's a little bit like, 'Oh, this again? Is this what we are? Okay, sure, I guess I'll watch this.' It's so refreshing to me to see a friendship like Eleanor and Tahani. It would've been so easy to just sort of play in to the old, catty tropes that we've seen again and again."


 - Chosen One of the Day: The male student who gives Indiana Jones an apple

"Those four seconds of screentime and grand total of zero lines may not look like much on the surface, but they say a lot — enough to make Apple Guy one of the more relatable characters in the Indiana Jones franchise. What this moment says can be summed up, not in words, but in one long 'Careless Whisper' saxophone wail, shooting right from Apple Guy's crotch to Indiana Jones in his sexy professor getup. We stan a queer icon."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 8 finally cuts some dead weight

"You know when you’re dating a real dirtbag and all of your friends keep telling you that they’re bad news but you just can’t see it? That’s really how things appear to be at the beginning of this episode. Uhtred and Skade are making out in the back of the boat while everyone else is rowing for their lives (deeply uncool, you horny monsters), Finan is giving them major side eye, it’s a mess. I have to admit, I was very, very annoyed."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 5 launches the battle for Skade

"I’m not sure which was worse: Watching Aethelwold stab Ragnar to death in his bed or watching Brida mourning the loss of her life partner. When she wailed over his body as she tried to close his hand around his sword so that he could die a warrior’s death and enter Valhalla… I felt that sh*t in my bones, fam. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it until the writers of this show wise up: Brida deserves better."

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