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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 12/22

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Dec 22, 2018, 2:00 PM EST

Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through the net, not a FANGRRL was stirring, not even a... Okay, that's as good as my rhyming gets. Sorry. But have no fear, even as the holiday season reaches its frantic climax, we at SYFY FANGRRLS have been busy giving you all the festive content you'll ever need. Keeping in that spirit, here are the top 10 most-read posts on FANGRRLS from the past seven days.


 - Theory: Hallmark movies are actually anti-Krampus fertility rituals

But the made-for-TV holiday romance, as seen on Lifetime and Hallmark, is an incredibly specific formula within that genre [...] One might even say… ritualistically specific? And that leads us to the following conclusion: the constant production, distribution, and consumption of these films is part of a powerful and successful annual fertility ritual to ward off Krampus.

 - The 10 worst horror boyfriends

Within the wide scope of horror, there are plenty of good guys popping up in most of our favorite movies. They're the heroes who will come to the rescue at the eleventh hour when the serial killer or demon or zombie is about to deliver the killing blow. They're the boys who won't pressure their girlfriends into having sex before she's ready. They're the keepers. And then there are the dudes who are far from being your horror honeys.

 - The best, worst and weirdest Santa Claus movies

It’s rare to see Santa Claus-related pop culture mess around with that image. His aesthetic is just too iconic to re-imagine. Indeed, one of the earliest films ever made that is still available to watch today is about Santa, and his look is near identical to what we see in films in 2018. That’s not to say that he doesn’t get a personality change now and then. Santa is an inherently good character with a simple message, and storytellers love to make that darker, weirder or just plain meaner.

 - 12 of the weirdest holiday traditions

The candy cane has been around since the late 1600s, according to legend, and a choirmaster created these sweet treats to keep kids quiet during the church service. The "J" shape was supposed to be either a shepherd’s crook since Jesus was a shepherd or possibly just his initial. This is sort of like today when you give your kid a Go-gurt to keep him quiet while you try to do yoga and dishes at the same time.

 - Twilight isn't the worst film ever made - you're just sexist

What is so worthless about Twilight and by extension all stories like it to those who are still mad about it a decade later? Is it the single-minded adoration of love itself or its feminine aesthetic or how utterly unconcerned it is with appealing to notions of realism? Plenty of stories do that and many of them do it with way less creative spark and genuine emotion than that first Twilight film.

 - Spider-Man DLC, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and this week's Gamegrrl news

We’ve got all sorts of trailers for you to watch, and soon enough it will be 2019. You’ll be getting out your frustrations by treasure hunting with Lara Croft and swinging through the city in some Spider-Man DLC. Here is the Gamegrrl news for the week ending December 15.

 - The star signs of Star Trek: The Next Generation

I feel like Crusher is a Taurus because she’s just always there, working away, asking for so little in life, but also absolutely will not budge even in the slightest to any level of coercion or aggression or even just a cordial request from a close friend.

 - The troubling relationship between anime and fascism

It only seemed as if the manga creator just liked the aesthetic, and perhaps, like in those memes, there's a fun sense of irony in the dissonance between sympathetic characters and SS-esque uniforms. But irony, in this current political climate, is dead, and such fascist ideas should still be called out because there's an extremely fine line between a troll and a true believer. Ironic racism is still racism; ironic fascism is still fascism.

 - We break down the radness that is Captain Marvel's second trailer

Oh, and -- our girl Carol ever so slightly punches an elderly lady. A lot of people were internet mad about that, but, honestly, let he among us who hasn’t punched an elderly lady in a tense moment be the first one to cast that stone. Besides, we’re dealing with Skrulls here, and Skrulls are infinitely punchable.

 - The 10 best holiday horror movies

There's a wide and weird array of frightening and festive films from which to choose. SYFY FANGRRLS has searched through the creature features, seasonal slashers, and cult classics to single out the very best of holiday horror. Whether your wish list includes sinister Santas, slaughtering snowmen, dancing zombies, or family-friendly frights, we've got you covered.

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