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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 12/8

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Dec 8, 2018

It's been a very long and very busy week in the world, topped off with the wonder of the new Avengers trailer. While we were deprived of the glory of Cap Beard — rest in follicle peace — the hot-shot FANGRRLS team kept you up to date with the past seven days of news, reviews, analyses, and general geek weirdness. Here are the 10 most popular posts on the site from the past seven days.

Captain Marvel

 - We break down the radness that is Captain Marvel's second trailer

"Wow! This was great, and now we’re trying to figure out how to make it through 4 more months of waiting for this film to drop. The second trailer confirmed that this movie is going to be a hyper-fun space adventure in which Carol Danvers punches infinite aliens, and honestly — we couldn’t be more stoked."

 - Frak Marry Kill: The Last Kingdom edition

"See, Ragnar is the kill for me. The wondering dong of Season 3 is a deal breaker. I am insecure. I understand the need for an heir, but I couldn't handle it."

 - Look of the Week: Amber Heard makes a splash at the Aquaman premiere

"Hitting it out of the park sartorially is one way to make sure your movie is talked about, and Amber Heard is taking a page out of Ezra Miller’s book by leaning into the theme of the franchise with her choice of ensemble. Instead of displaying flame-haired locks to match her warrior queen character, Mera, Heard is going for a completely different swimming inspired lewk and it is a stunner."

 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 1 resets the board

"Skade is a piece of work, sure, but she’s a woman wielding influence in a heavily male-dominated field. There are no glass ceilings to break yet, but there are abbots to torture and villages to burn, and if a woman is going to make it in this Viking business, she’s got to assert herself. I’m not sure what her plans for Uhtred are at this point, but any white woman with dreads and face tattoos has to be up to no good. I mean, she looks like the female medieval Post Malone right now."

 - Chosen One of the Day: Kate Beckinsale's Instagram account

"If you're thinking, 'Wow, I just assumed that Kate Beckinsale, as a gorgeous, glamorous actress, wouldn't have a strange and wonderful sense of humor that causes her to prank their partner by wedging a piece of chocolate between their buttcheeks while they sleep in order to make them think they've sh*t themselves when they go to work the next morning. I guess tabloid culture, not to mention the patriarchy, has led me to have preconceived notions about femininity!,' it's OK. Kate Beckinsale also knows the struggle."

 - How Disney made Mary Poppins an icon by ignoring her creator

"One cannot speak for the late PL Travers or condescendingly explain why her stories benefit from being out of her hands. It’s also unavoidably unfortunate that Disney has continued to use Travers in less than favorable ways by giving even her own life story the fairy tale sheen. At a time when Disney’s own media monopoly has grown vastly powerful and the extension of copyright works mostly in the favor of mega-corporations rather than the creators themselves, loving Mary Poppins isn’t an issue as simple as separating art from artist or wondering if it’s okay to 'sell out.'"

 - The Last Kingdom, as told by gifs


 - The Last Kingdom Discussion: Season 3, Episode 2 breaks a bond

"I do fear that white men everywhere will watch this show and use Uhtred as some kind of proof that their kind has had it rough too. Like, yeah, Uhtred’s been through some sh*t, but he’d have a much easier time of it if he didn’t feel entitled to a lordship, if he wasn’t so greedy, if he didn’t have such a terrible track record with women. Like, take notes bro."

 - Chosen One Of The Day: Kurt Russell as hot Santa in The Christmas Chronicles

"This film is about Kurt Russell doing his best Elvis impersonation and reinventing a pop culture figure that’s grown stale, old, and a little too jolly. And props to Russell because he pulls the whole thing off flawlessly. So flawlessly in fact that we’re left wondering if Russell thought Quentin Tarantino was directing this thing, because his performance is a tour-de-force. Rock on, Kurt Kringle."

 - Did Inferno succeed where the Dark Phoenix Saga failed?

"The X-Men are well beloved for many reasons, but perhaps most of all for their complicated soap opera dynamic which now spans dozens of different titles over many several decades — starting as a simple, self-contained superhero story and transforming over the years into a multimillion-dollar franchise featuring some of the best beloved and most easily recognizable fictional characters in the world. Yet, the beginnings of the book were humble, and it took several years and many epic stories to build up the legend."

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