Idea behind Orphan Black finale: 'What does freedom look like to each of them?'

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May 31, 2017, 12:02 PM EDT

The final season of Orphan Black kicks off June 10 on BBC America, and the creative team has one heck of a challenge in trying to wrap this story up in a satisfying way. So, what’s the question they’re trying to answer?

Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson talked with Entertainment Weekly about the final season of the series, and said they’re trying to figure out what freedom means to each character, and how they can answer that question in a satisfying way. Manson also promised there will be tears. Gulp.

Here’s an excerpt from Manson’s comments:

“When we speak for the finale, you’re going to be crying. And that’s okay. We have just finished locking picture on the finale. I think it’s largely a story that [co-creator John Fawcett] and I had in our minds loosely from the very beginning. But to answer your question, I think we sort of asked ourselves: Who were they then and where are they now, and what does freedom look like to each of them?

If we manage to find our way through this — through this massive mystery and this massive conspiracy to the end of it — we certainly wanted to answer all the questions of the mystery and wrap it up. But then there’s this great open question about their hearts and their future and the strength of the bond of the sisterhood, everything they’ve gone through. So, I think we do want to kind of have a sense of the future of something moving forward when we get to the end of it. But again there’s a twist on that, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it through your tears.”

Over the course of its run, Orphan Black has been one of the most compelling, and twisty, sci-fi dramas on television. It also juggles a whole lot of characters (almost all of which are played by Tatiana Maslany, but still), so the pressure is certainly on to get it right.

How would you like to see Orphan Black end?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)