The identity of the female Thor has been revealed!

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May 12, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The identity of the female Thor was set to be unleashed upon comic-book readers tomorrow, but thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, it has found its way online already. In tomorrow’s issue of Thor — written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Russell Dauterman -- readers will finally find out just who is the new God(dess) of Thunder. And I’ve got to admit that it’s quite the shocker. Need I say ... SPOILERS AHEAD!

Read at your own peril ...

Right! Here we go. The new Thor is none other than Thor’s former lady love herself, Dr. Jane Foster! In an interview with Vulture, Aaron talked about his decision to make a cancer-riddled Jane worthy of Mjolnir, and whether there were talks of having someone else wield the hammer:

"No, I think we only ever really talked about Jane. It grew out of the idea of the previous Thor becoming unworthy, which was something I was always building toward. I liked the idea of dealing with his worthiness and the idea of what it means for a god to be worthy in the Marvel universe. You know, the god of thunder waking up every morning and looking at the hammer and not knowing if he’s gonna be worthy to lift it. Then, of course, one day he should wake up and not be able to lift it. That opened the door for someone else to pick up the hammer and carry it around in his place. Really, the only character that was discussed was Jane."

Jason Aaron also talked about the significance of having Jane be the female Thor, saying:

"Jane’s been a part of Thor’s universe going back almost to the very beginning. She was the initial love interest for Donald Blake, who was Thor’s alter-ego [in early Thor stories]. She was the nurse to his doctor. She’s grown and changed and evolved a lot over the years, become a doctor in her own right. So this to me is not just the next step for her character, but really the next evolution of the core promise that has always been at the heart of Thor’s mythology. You go back to those very first issues [from the 1960s], and they’re about this disabled doctor, Donald Blake, finding a strange hammer, and when he picks it up, it transforms him into the mighty Thor. That promise of transformation has always been a part of that hammer. Even though we’ve changed the person who’s holding the hammer, it’s very much a Thor story, a story that begins the next step for that promise of transformation."

In another interview, this time with the New York Times, Aaron added:

"Jane Foster has been part of the Thor comics and the Thor mythology from almost the very beginning. The very act of picking up this hammer, of becoming Thor, is killing her. Where we go from here is the real story."

Now, check out the awesome reveal below. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE IN THE EMBEDDED TWEET:

What do you guys think about Jane Foster being worthy of Thor's hammer?

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