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Idris Elba not playing Johnny English, either, in new trailer

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Aug 28, 2018

James Bond’s future may be in flux, but that’s not true of his parodic counterpart Johnny English (sorry, Austin Powers fans). Director David Kerr’s Johnny English Strikes Again (from the same writer as the rest of the series) is bringing English back with a vengeance.

Fans of goofy send-ups with plenty of slapstick and a sharp take on Bond’s ultimate silliness will have a lot to love in a trailer that updates English to the high-tech world of cybercrime. However -- after its first trailer seemed to convey that Idris Elba wouldn’t be playing the secret agent -- its follow-up confirms it. A sad day for fans of endless rumors.

Take a look:

Nope, that’s just regular old Rowan Atkinson reprising his pseudo-suave alternative to Mr. Bean. This trailer sees English grappling with VR, wearing a headset and getting himself into plenty of Mr. Magoo-like antics as the would-be super-spy wanders around busy streets and bakeries. I’m sure Elba could’ve burned down a restaurant or launched a missile at cyclists just as well, but it certainly wouldn’t have been the same.

Johnny English will strike again on Oct. 26.

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