Idris Elba riffs on James Bond rumors as directorial debut nears release

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Aug 13, 2018, 4:25 PM EDT (Updated)

We want Idris Elba to be James Bond. And hey, even Idris Elba’s friends would like the suave The Dark Tower and Thor actor to take on the role of 007 post-Bond 25. But this rumor has been around forever, and its recent resurgence — along with Elba’s social media posts playfully stoking the flames — are coinciding quite closely with the UK release of Elba’s directorial debut.

Over the weekend, Elba took to Twitter with a series of tweets responding to the resurrected rumors of the actor’s involvement with the Bond series. The first? A play on the secret agent’s most famous line:

But just four hours later, Elba just as cheekily refuted his own tease, posting a picture of Public Enemy and then quoting their song “Don’t Believe the Hype.” There’s no downside to playing coy in this situation, but Elba’s never going to seem to confirm anything that’s not true — that’s bad business.

What’s not bad business is building up a lot of hype around yourself — or refusing to extinguish that hype — when you’ve got a movie coming out. Elba’s directed his first movie, an adaptation of the 1993 novel Yardie, and it’s premiering in the UK next weekend on Aug. 24. He’s not donning a three-piece suit for it, but the film would definitely be helped rather than hurt by people thinking he might be Bond. But as the actor confirmed on social media -- fans shouldn’t believe the hype.