Idris for Everything: Why Idris Elba should definitely be the next James Bond

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Aug 10, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Oh, Idris. Is there anything this man CAN'T do? Short answer: No. Idris Elba is the best human, and why he's not an A-list movie star (yet -- like the Sun, Idris Elba's ascent is inevitable) is beyond me. In the interest of helping that process along, SYFY FANGRRLS would like to propose Idris Elba for the part of ... well, everything. This time, we're looking at one of the most discussed Idris roles: James freakin' Bond.

While the Idris-as-Bond rumors have been around for years, we refuse to believe that the idea of Elba as the world’s most infamous spy has jumped the shark. It may not be a role he's actively coveting, but he’s not exactly convincing people he shouldn’t be the next 007.

He's a Brit, in the best possible way.

Granted, not every actor who's played Bond has to be, or even has been, a Brit. But let’s be honest: The most memorable ones were. Any actor can fake an accent, but there’s a certain Britishness that comes along with being the real thing that just cannot be faked. For example, Bond is basically an alcoholic, yet despite his excessive drinking, he’s still capable of being a world-class spy. We’re not trying to feed into stereotypes here, but Brits are famous pub lovers, so it probably doesn't hurt the whole creative process that Idris probably has some crazy British DNA that makes him capable of breaking down alcohol the way most people's bodies break down simple protein. And similar to Bond, Idris is a fan of fancy-sounding gin drinks, his being a 7 Wallace, as opposed to a Vesper. They may not be even remotely the same thing, but they’re both drinks that most mortals don’t have nearly enough swagger to get away with ordering at a bar.

Idris smoking

He's got the build.

Bond is supposed to be statuesque; almost every actor to play him has been 6 feet or taller. Daniel Craig, at 5'10", has been the shortest Bond, but he set a precedent that few before him have: He genuinely looks like he can kick some serious ass.

The fight choreography in the Bond films, as in all action movies, has definitely evolved over the years, but Idris has the physicality to carry the torch. It's not like he looks like he can't beat someone up. In fact, Idris could just show up in a James Bond film right now and kick the crap out of Daniel Craig. He doesn't even need to be in character; he can just be Idris.

Ladies dig him.

If there’s one thing Bond goes through more than martinis, it’s the ladies.  And the ladies love Idris. It might have something to do with this:

Or this:

Or maybe it's this:

Idris turning out light

We have a sneaking suspicion he may be up to the task of convincingly playing the role of a ladies' man.

Idris Elba women

He's basically James Bond already.

James Bond is known for driving exotic cars that have been elaborately modified into swanky super spy-vehicles. Like Bond, Idris likes to drive in classy automobiles, only instead of cruising around the English countryside, he breaks speed records. No, really, he broke an 88-year-old record. Idris was behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental GT Speed when he broke the UK record for fastest "flying mile" (which sounds like the title of a Bond film itself). Oh, but he didn’t just break it; he crushed the previous 176 mph record by topping out at 186 mph. 

I think the words we're all looking for here are "like a boss."

How is this even still a conversation after that?!? Hand this man his license to kill already.

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