Idris for Everything: Green Lantern John Stewart

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:11 AM EDT (Updated)

Thanks to last month's Wonder Woman, there's a renewed interest -- and dare I say hope? -- in the DCEU.

That's probably a good thing, since Warner Bros. has a full slate of Justice League-inspired films already on its packed schedule. Most of these have already been cast, thanks to so many of the main characters headlining this fall's Justice League feature film. But a few remain wide open. Among them is 2020's Green Lantern Corps, which will reportedly include not only Hal Jordan but also John Stewart.

Now, while there are already plenty of actors rumored for the role of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, there are currently no such rumors for the role of Stewart. With production imminent, they're gonna need to make some decisions, and we've got an idea who they should hand that power ring over to. I think you know where this is going.

Idris Elba is pretty much the perfect choice for this role. In fact, he's the perfect choice for every role, but let's focus on this one for just a moment.

He's already played a cop

The Green Lantern Corps are, essentially, space cops. They work to keep the galaxy safe from those who would do it harm, which means you need a certain kind of actor, someone who can walk the line between the cool, everyman demeanor of a police officer and the commanding presence of someone bestowed with such great cosmic power.

Good thing Idris has such a strong background in playing a police officer already, albeit an Earth-bound one. He's spent four (soon, five) seasons playing Inspector John Luther on the hit BBC series Luther. In fact, he's been so successful in that role that it has certainly helped to propel him to the household status he now boasts.

Stewart is also a former Marine. You can't tell me Elba wouldn't fit that bill.

He's no stranger to major franchises

One thing we often look for when casting these major roles is an actor who has experience on a major blockbuster set and who knows how to handle himself in a major franchise. Elba is certainly no stranger to massive Hollywood undertakings. He's already had a recurring role in the MCU as Heimdall in the Thor films. He's also appeared in Pacific Rim and Star Trek Beyond and is about to appear in The Dark Tower as the Gunslinger (another supernatural policeman!).


Even with all those roles, none, other than The Dark Tower, has been a starring turn. Don't you think he's earned the right to take on a major superhero franchise?

Buddy cops and banter

With two Earth Green Lanterns on the way and likely having to work together, that means there's a great chance for a possible Hal Jordan/John Stewart buddy cop movie. Now, we've already established Elba's dramatic chops, but did you know he's also got comedy bona fides as well? Oh, yes.

He's previously appeared on The Office and has taken comedic turns in Zootopia, Finding Dory and even Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Put him together with a good partner and he's primed to help bring some more humor to the dark and dank DCEU.

Give the internet what they want

Let's be honest, Elba is pretty much a consensus candidate for this role. The internet has already spoken with their words and their fan art. Sure, major Hollywood studios don't generally like to listen to the internet, but how can you argue with someone who looks this good in the suit?


He's into it

The biggest question, of course, is … does he even want the job? Well, as of 2013, he certainly did. When one of the fan-made posters was brought to his attention on Twitter, he responded: "I like this idea."

We like it too. So, Warner Bros., I'm sure you're getting ready to make some big announcements at San Diego Comic-Con in a couple weeks. Why not make the fans happy?

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