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Idris for Everything: Other roles that should be replaced with Idris Elba

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Mar 8, 2019, 3:05 AM EST (Updated)

When news broke that Idris Elba might be replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in the Suicide Squad sequel, we responded with a resounding "Yes, obviously." Because around these parts, Idris for Everything is kind of our jam. For years we have been singing the 'dris electric, clamoring for him to play every part under the sun. But what we didn't consider is all the parts that already belong to other people.

With that, here are some characters who should be played by Idris Elba. As for their currently cast performers, please collect your things and head to HR. We need to have a talk.

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I mean, Tom Holland is great, and sure Idris may not be the conventional choice for a high school boy but that's why it's called ACTING. Besides, Holland doesn't need the role anymore — he has a long future ahead of him being the perfect factory-made human baby of a Marvel angel.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Honestly it's not too late to right this wrong and prevent what is sure to be a national nightmare. Ben Schwartz is lovely and lord knows we will always stan Jean-Ralphio, but this task is beyond him. Help us Idris, you're our only hope.


Jon Snow

It's the last season! Go out with a real bang! Kit Harrington could use a break and a haircut. DON'T BE COWARDS, HBO. 


Chris Pratt's role in Jurassic World

Look, we all know he's the worst Chris so let's just swap him out with an honorary Id-Chris.


All the roles in Jurassic World

Actually f*ck it, let's make him the dinosaurs, too!


Your job

I don't know what your job is. But whatever it is, Idris would be better at it. Give him your job. Please, just go. You're embarassing yourself.

... Actually, that kind of gives me an idea.


The President

I mean, honestly, tell me it wouldn't be better.




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