Idris for Everything: Superman

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Apr 10, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

When they're casting flicks / In Hollywood / Who you gonna call? / IDRIS ELBA!

That's our song around here at least, as it is for most of the internet. There is no film or franchise announcement that isn't immediately met with "You know who would be perfect for that? Idris Elba." From Bond to the Doctor, we the people know what Hollywood doesn't seem to: Idris can do ANYTHING. And SHOULD. 

And that's why I'm pitching an All-Idris Superman on this day. It is 2018, the year of our Lord, and we deserve a one-man Supes starring Idris in every role. Fight me on it. Spoiler: you've already lost. 


Obviously, he'd make an excellent Man of Steel. For, you see, like actual Superman (you know, the real guy) Elba is caring, giving, selfless, built to tear worlds apart, and capable of giving me a general flying sensation. I would also be interested in asking him what color my underwear is. Beyond all that, he actually wants the role! And if he looks this great in the $45 Halloween version of the costume, imagine how he'd look with a budget. 

And as Clark Kent? DON'T GET ME STARTED. Except please do.


I haven't quite figured out his Lois Lane yet, as this is very obviously early in the development stage. Perhaps he'd play Louis Lane and enjoy a queer relationship with himself (I ship it) or just go for it and play the standard cis female Lois we know and love and enjoy a straight relationship with himself. I'm open to any and every possibility. Very open. 


As for Jimmy Olsen, Elba is clearly perfect if for no other reason than their equally intense love of bow ties.

And he'd only need a minor trim to play Lex, but I insist on him keeping the facial hair. He went facially bald in Obsessed and obviously, he's still IDRIS and therefore perfect but we can agree this is not the peak Elba we need. I don't care if people can't tell which character he's playing because they're all identical; he's an actor and it's called suspension of disbelief, people.


Ultimately, what we need are people of color portraying classic superheroes. The world needs a Superman, Spider-Man, Batman who can represent kids and adults alike who grew up loving these characters but never got to feel like it was truly theirs. 

Superman, Lois Lane and the whole city of Metropolis don't need to be white. But they do need to be Idris Elba.

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