IDW reveals creative teams and Rey-centric opening story for Star Wars Adventures comic

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Jun 14, 2017, 4:05 PM EDT

IDW Publishing made a big splash at this past Star Wars Celebration, when they announced they would be producing an all-ages ongoing comic series that would be created in canon to the films. On Tuesday, it was revealed by CBR who the creative teams are to kick off the series and what the first story will be about.

Hitting stands on September 6, Star Wars Adventures #1 will feature a story centered around Rey, while on Jakku. There will be two stories in each 32-page comic, as the first issue will also contain a "comical tale of clone catastrophe." Unkar Plutt will be headlining the second issue with Rey, and that issue will hit stands two weeks later on September 20.

Both of the first two issues will be written by Cavan Scott (Titan Comics' Doctor Who) and Derek Charm (Jughead, Starfleet Academy) with a variety of covers will be produced by Charm and Elsa Charretier, while varients and incentive covers will be produced by Chris Samnee, Eric Jones, Jon Sommariva, and Tim Levins.

Even though Marvel has been producing the Star Wars related comics over the last three years, IDW has a wealth of experience handling comics for all-ages, with licensed franchises such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, and Gem. Charm will be a great artist to start the series as his work on titles like Jughead and Powerpuff Girls has a style that's reminicent of an animated series.

Chances are we won't find out anything too revealing about Rey's history or her mysterious lineage, but if you're looking for new stories about one of the main protagonists of the Star Wars sequels, Star Wars Adventure is a good place to start. Since this is set in the Star Wars combined universe, expect the comic to traverse through the prequels, the original trilogy and the current films. 

From there, it the creative teams may rotate as well as the story settings and characters they will feature.