IDW's Darkness Visible comic in development for television

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Nov 6, 2017, 4:39 PM EST

The “alternate WWII” subgenre is about to get another shot in the arm, as IDW Entertainment is gearing up to adapt a new television series based on the comic miniseries, Darkness Visible.

Created by Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David, the miniseries deals with humanity having to share the world with a race of demons, mainly because those demons helped the allies win WWII. Humans are not very good at sharing, and this co-habitation leads to a never-ending terrorist conflict. The demons aren’t just in your neighborhood, either— in the case of Detective Daniel Aston, they are in his soul as well.

IDWE President David Ozer told Deadline, “All of us at IDW are eager to enter into this amazing creative partnership that brings like-minded creatives together on an amazingly inventive project that really challenges all of our collective talents. When you have the best in the business pushing others who are equally talented and imaginative, the expected results are going to be mind-blowing.”

The character of Daniel Aston will prove to be an interesting television protagonist, as he and his daughter Maggie are right in the thick of the drama. In an interview with Comic Book Resource last year, David said this of the character: “I think the thing that interested us both here was to take someone who was, basically, a racist, and then put him into a situation where he was forced to confront his own prejudice in the most violent and visceral way possible. Aston believes that right and wrong, good and evil are clear in this particular war. Perhaps many of our readers will think that also when the story starts. They are all in for an interesting ride.”

The show will be executive produced by creators Arvind Ethan Daivid and Mike Carey, as well as Cavan Ash, Trevor Macy (Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game) IDWE President David Ozer, and CEO Ted Adams. Previous IDWE television entires include “Locke & Key”, “Wynonna Earp”, and “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.”

If any of this sounds good to you (it does to us), then be sure to check out the full trade paperback of Darkness Visible, which will be on stands this week.

(Via Deadline)