If you hated that controversial Man of Steel ending, be prepared to start hating the comics, too

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:31 AM EDT (Updated)

Looks like Superman's squeaky-clean image is going to keep getting sullied.

When Man of Steel was released in theaters a few weeks ago, it was met with an extremely divided response. If you happened to be part of the crowd who hated the movie because of Supes' uncharacteristic disregard for human life (and his willingness to, uh, commit actual murder), then you had better sit down.

It's shaping up that the question "Will Superman be killing in the comics now, too?" has just been answered in the affirmative. A preview for the upcoming Justice League #22 seems to suggest that Kal-El will be taking to extreme violence after being possessed.

Add to that an email Rich Johnston received after wondering if Superman was due to kill someone soon, which read:

Superman does indeed take a life. It is in the next issue of Justice League. It is not of his own volition. And it is [REDACTED] who, to be fair, only seems to be around so that he can die.

So, it is happening. It's just a question of who. And, moreover, just what precedent this sets for Superman going forward. Yes, he will be possessed this time, but once you let that genie out of the bottle, doesn't it suggest he will inevitably kill again?

Check out the preview and tell us -- is this latest turn enough to make you stop reading Superman comics?

(via Bleeding Cool)